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Six Year Old Molly Raises Money for Doorways

Molly is six years old and attends Horsley Woodhouse Primary School. On Friday 23rd October, her parents told Molly all about the child poverty UK campaign. She was incredibly sad to learn that some children go hungry when school is closed.

Molly asked if she could help in some way and she came up with an idea to have a bake sale on their drive. So two days later, with lots of baking which took place on the Saturday and Sunday morning, they held a bake sale with the intention of raising a little money to help.

They had a lot of support from their fantastic neighbors, family and friends, who fully supported Molly with her cause.

With everyone’s support Molly, with the help of her little sister, raised an incredible £220 in one afternoon!

With a bit of research, they decided as a family that they wanted to buy food with the money and donate it to Doorways Derby and Salcare Heanor.

After speaking to ourselves and Salcare to find out what vital goods were needed, they compiled a list of groceries ready for their shopping trip.

On Monday 26th they manage to fill two and half trolley’s full of food for both food banks. They were able to buy lots of tinned food, children’s drinks, fruit, crisps and sandwich fillings for packed lunches along with lots of Halloween sweet treats, which Molly loved buying for the children.

At Horsley Woodhouse Primary the children have to complete special tasks to complete their #embarkaward. One task is raising £50 for a charity, so Molly has achieved this hands down. I’m sure her teachers and pupils will be super proud when she tells them all about her achievement.

I know at Doorways, we are all incredibly proud of Molly for raising money to help families.

We are sure that you will agree that she has made a huge difference and helped to bring a smile to a lot of people’s faces who are struggling during this very difficult time.

Thankyou Molly for this amazing donation.

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