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The hard work and hours these people put into their work is out and out selfless. There is no praise high enough. Some of the abuse they go through its a wonder they haven't closed down and given up, but no they keep on so we can have a meal next day.

We would be worse off with out them.


You help support so many people in need, never judging or questioning you and your helpers always go above and beyond . Thankyou all 


Hi I've have used your service a while now and can not complain you all do a an amazing job at Doorways, its great to see people who genuinely care about the community keep up the good work, Ady

Jeffrey Michael Bird

I have used the services of Doorways since they first started a few years ago. They provide a very efficient and valuable service for the vulnerable people of Derby. They run a friendly, efficient and professional service and offer help and guidance in so many ways. The service they offer is all year round and is highly appreciated and respect by all the people that use them. 


I am in a position where I myself don't require support but can help others. I have used Doorways for a number of months to support two separate families consisting of 4 adults and 7 children and more recently a refugee single parent family with 3 boys. The food that has been provided has prevented these families from suffering from food poverty, a situation no family let alone a child should face in a developed country. The supplies that are provided are greatfully received and the families all extend their thanks to those companies who donate and Doorways for providing this service. Gurjit Basi

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