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Happenings in the Community

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July 2020

Doorways have set up a pop-up food bank on Osmaston Park Road to help those who are struggling during lockdown.

As the street kitchen is currently not running due to lockdown restrictions, Craig and Lisa have set up the food bank outside their house on Osmaston Park Road in July as an alternative for those in need. 
Doorways are also delivering food parcels to individuals and families.

"Even during the lockdown, we were still getting the donations and decided to offer a service where it was safe to do so and allow somewhere where people can get the necessary requirements to feed themselves and their families.

"During lockdown, we have delivered more than 850 food parcels and we feel the longer the lockdown goes on the number of people who need help will increase and the demand for food parcels and food banks will increase." - Craig



August 2020

We are a group of community volunteers dedicating several evenings a week to go onto the streets of Derby to provide hot and cold food, drinks, clothing, bedding and social interaction for the homeless, rough sleepers, and vulnerable people who need our help.

Food is generously donated from many people and organisations within the City, and we have a number of volunteers who support us with the hot and cold food preparation on a regular basis.

Since starting in May 2015, we have built up a close bond with many of the people who need our support through taking time just to listen to what they want to tell us. We are also committed to complementing and working with the other agencies and organisations within the City who have responsibilities for the homeless and rough sleeper population.

You can find out more about our activities on our  Blog, or visit our Facebook page.

If you would like to support us through making a donation of money, time, food, clothing etc please visit our Donations/Support Page

Craig & Lisa Wheatley

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