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Our Food Bank

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Food bank tables are open from 1pm until 3pm on a Saturday.

This is open to anyone in genuine need throughout the month of January,

Please bring proof of address if you are not a member and your card if you are a member as it is only one person per household.

Bring your own bag and it’s a £1 donation.

Please do not arrive before 12.45

After Saturday 28th January if you wish to continue using the service you must register as a member again.

We will be closed on Saturday 4th February.

From Saturday 11th February we will be open every other Saturday.

We have made this decision as we feel some people have become reliant on the service and this was never our intention.

The food tables were set up as a helping hand during the pandemic and from one thing to another we felt there has always been a need for the service.

Over 140 households have been using the service over the last 4 weeks and each week over 50 of those have used it every week since we started monitoring membership use

last October.

With the growing amount of people struggling, the only sustainable way for us to continue is for long term continued use of service members, to be sign posted to other organizations that will be able to help people better manage their finances and find alternative support.

Many thanks

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