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Ultra-Marathon Challenge - Wall of Babylon

NCS Team Pluto, is a group of students who are from the Derby area, they are passionate about tackling homelessness. As part of their programme they decided to undertake a social action project to aid a charity of their choice; as a team, they all decided to raise funds for Doorways by running a double-marathon.

What’s the Wall of Babylon?

The Wall of Babylon is 56 miles which was split between the team, this worked out about 4 miles each, or 11 600m laps of Pride Park stadium.

The team set up a gofundme page for this fund raiser and between them raised an incredible £440 for Doorways.

We appreciate everything you have done to raise funds for us, so that we can carry on helping the homeless and providing support for the local community,

Thankyou Team Pluto

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