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NCS Support Doorways

We would like to thank this team of 16 year olds who raised money for Doorways as part of their NCS work.

This is what they had to say about the fund raising they did in order to support us:

We are a group of 16 year olds who took part in a National Citizen Service programme in the summer holidays and during our week of charity work we chose to raise money to support Doorways Derby by organising and running a pub quiz and a raffle. This was really successful. We raised over £400 and we used that money to buy food and supplies for Doorways Derby.

We also managed to source and donate around 150 thermal drinks bottles. We chose this charity because we felt we wanted to support a small local charity rather than one of the bigger charities who already receive a lot of support.

We hope that the money we raised is helpful to Doorways in the fantastic work that they do.

On behalf of everyone at Doorways, we would like to say thankyou for supporting us.

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