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Can you help us?

Have you ever been so broke you couldn't sleep for worrying about how you are going to feed your kids?

Ever felt too embarrassed to go shopping because you couldn't afford to buy a small treat for your child?

Ever felt totally overwhelmed and anxious due to lack of food and money, to get even just the basics?

Ever felt like you would like to help people who feel these emotions and stresses of day to day life?

Now you can by supporting our campaign to raise £8000, so that we can pay our membership fees to FareShare.

Fareshare supply the majority of the food for our produce tables, which we use to help support the vulnerable in Derby. Without this we would not be able to run our food produce tables.

If you feel like you are in a position to donate anything at all to our campaign then please click on the link below and share this post. Without these funds we will struggle to support the community.

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